As Husband and wife composing together, we seek common goals:

1. Create music with a commitment to solid craft as well as bold and innovative technique.

2. Establish opportunities for musicians at all skill levels to experience contemporary concert music. 

3. Honor the traditions, texts, and other elements that inspire our music.

Our Story

In 2003, Carrie Page and Nicholas Drake met in a composition seminar at the University of Louisville School of Music. After years of collegial acquaintance and friendship, music became the catalyst for an extraordinary partnership. in 2007, Page and Drake married, forming a unique opportunity to support each other as composers and collaborators. 


In the various pages of this website, visitors may explore sound clips and score samples of our music, gather news about upcoming events and new projects, and discover prospects for commissions and collaborative ventures. 

We warmly welcome you to our home on the web!


Carrie Page and Nicholas Drake